About Us

AIS LLC. is an American owned and operated manufacturer of HDPE fabricated fittings. Our primary goal is to supply our customers with quality products at a competitive price putting the customers needs first. An extensive inventory and ability to fabricate on demand allows us to provide our customers with the products they need to meet their time table. We manufacture up to 24" IPS tees, reducing tees, 45 and 60 degree laterals, true wyes and any radius ell. AIS has the ability to manufacture flanges as well as any sheet product that may be required such as dual containment centralizers, valve spacers, manhole covers or other customer designed products.


All of the fuses on our fittings are data logged and provided to our customers. These data logs are assigned a factory tracking number which is stamped into the fitting so there is no need to worry about a label peeling off. If at any time there is a need for the data logs on one of our fittings all you need to do is get the number off the fitting, call and we can immediately send it to you. We feel this enhances the confidence the end user will have in our fittings.