Dual Containment

Dual containment pipe is made using two different sized solid wall HDPE pipe. It consists of an inside pipe (Carrier Pipe) which is centered within an outer pipe (Containment Pipe) The containment pipe prevents spills in the event the carrier pipe develops a leak. Centralizers are located at the end of the pipe and at user defined spacing with in the lengths of the pipe. The centralizers hold the carrier pipe in the center of the containment pipe to maintain an even flow and to allow proper fusing on the ends of the pipe. Centralizers are manufactured to fit tightly around the carrier pipe and inside the containment pipe. The end centralizers are extrusion welded in place to prevent the carrier pipe from slipping during the fusion process.

This piping method is used extensively in chemical plants, power generation, mining, landfill and other areas where contamination would occur if there was a failure of the carrier pipe.

All dual containment pipe is manufactured per ASTM D3350.

Dual Containment Questionnaire


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