Dual Containment

Dual Containment pipe and fittings are designed to safeguard the environment against contamination in locations where the risk of contamination may exist. Dual Containment Pipe is made using two different sized solid wall HDPE pipe. It consists of an inside pipe (Carrier Pipe) which is centered within an outer pipe (Containment Pipe). The containment pipe prevents leakage in the event the carrier pipe develops a leak. Centralizers are spread evenly throughout each joint of dual containment pipe to allow even flow and so that the pipe is centered at the time of fusion. Centralizers are manufactured to fit tightly around the outside dimension of the carrier pipe and inside the dimension of the containment pipe. Centralizers are extrusion welded to the carrier pipe and the only extrusion welded on the ends of each joint to the containment pipe. This is to prevent slipping during the fusion process. Leak detection equipment can be installed to detect leakage. In some cases, an alert can be sent to a control room or digital device to notify the appropriate person that a leak exists.

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